What if work could be one
of the best parts of your life?

The Lifeless Career Dilemma

It’s a common story

You work hard, and it’s “fine,” but there’s no purpose, meaning, or passion, let alone genuine interest. No sense that it matters. Instead of excitement and energy, you’re drained and depleted. 

It’s not just the monotony and emptiness that gets to you; it's the nagging feeling that you're missing out on opportunities you don’t even know exist. You see others who seem to have found work that lights them up, excelling in careers that bring them joy and fulfillment, while you just feel stuck. Add burnout and overwhelm, it’s the perfect storm of “work-life ugh.”

You keep wondering, "what am I missing?”

You’re smart, and capable. You’ve explored options, tried different jobs, read books, listened to podcasts, and watched videos. But, nothing really helps. 

And, because you're human, self-doubt and futility sneak in. How could they not? At some point, that flatlined feeling creeps into your personal life, relationships and wellbeing. It’s just a matter of time. No longer just about the job; it’s about your life. 

It’s like you're navigating this tangled work-life forest without a compass, surrounded by endless, confusing paths, not knowing which will help, which will be equally draining, or which will be even worse. And, you’re terrified of making the wrong call.

You just don’t know what to do anymore, and you’re not alone. In fact, the data shows you’re likely in the majority.

The thing is, there is a better way.


A New Way Forward: Work Can Be Amazing

What if there was a way to get from where you are now to a working life that felt amazing, without all the confusion, frustration, and wasted time? 

Imagine being able to transform work from something you endure or even loathe into an experience that:

Wakes you up

in the morning excited to dive in, rather than being filled with dread.

Gives you energy

rather than depletes you, so you have more fuel in your tank for life

Fills you with purpose

and feels like it truly matters to you, rather than serving an agenda that means little to you.

Lets you get lost in the flow

of passion, interest and joy, instead of watching the clock move in slow-motion, doing things that feel like perpetual heavy lifts.

Surrounds you with incredible people

you cannot get enough of, who celebrate and embrace you as you are, rather than make you feel like you need to fit into their box.

Makes you feel safe and empowers you

to bring all of your skills, ideas, and personality to the experience. 

Compensates you on a level that feels great

and lets you feel seen and valued along the way.

Infuses you with a sense of deep contentment

that lets you show up for those you care about, awake and alive, truly as your best self.

Delivers new clarity and confidence

 that you’re finally heading in the right direction, and building A career that makes you come alive.

It's time to stop fumbling in the dark, to reclaim control over your career and how it makes you feel. 

Not just now, but for life.


Career Clarity Lab is an interactive, online program that builds on the revelations of your Sparketype. 

It introduces you to a game-changing self-discovery and decision-making tool called the Spark Compass™, along with a set of career transformation power-tools, paths and maps designed to give you more clarity and confidence than ever before. Then, guide you on a path to action, and change.

Developed by Jonathan Fields, the founder of Spark Endeavors, creator of the global Sparketype® phenomenon, and author of the USA Today bestselling book SPARKED, it’s the ultimate way to go from feeling confused and stuck in your career to feeling empowered and alive.

The tools, insights, maps and strategies you’ll discover are based on years of research, work with individuals, coaches, teams, and leaders in some of the biggest companies in the world. They draw upon insights from nearly 900,000 people and 45-million data-points, representing one of the largest-ever studies on work-life satisfaction and career fulfillment.

With Career Clarity Lab, you'll discover how to:


Feel a Level of Clarity & Confidence You’ve Never Had

Your Spark Compass builds upon your Sparketype profile, adding-in 10 new self-knowledge and career-transformation elements. Without them, you’re largely fumbling and stumbling in the dark, yet most people have never heard of many of them, let alone considered them in their career journey.


Rapidly “diagnose” your current work

No more guessing. Our Sparked Reality Check™ Tool helps you uncover the real reasons your work isn’t giving you what you need. Spoiler alert - it’s likely not what you think, and it’s often fixable, without having to leave.


Get Unstuck

Armed with the power of your Spark Compass, Career Clarity Toolbox and the 3 Sparked Career Paths™ you’re about to discover, you will finally feel equipped to break the cycle of depletion and futility, and craft a new career adventure fueled by fun (can you even imagine), purpose, and possibility.


Honor What Matters To You, No Matter Your Situation

Everyone is different. You’ll learn how to use your new Career Clarity power tools and strategies to decide whether to stay with the security of your current work and make it feel so much better, OR explore something entirely new that makes you come alive.


Dramatically Expand Your Potential Opportunities (And Tap Ai)

You’ll learn how to go beyond typical “career starter lists,” break free from the career box you’ve felt confined to and identify amazing new opportunities you’d never have thought to consider or imagine. Or, maybe even create your own. You’ll also learn a cutting-edge strategy, along with precision “prompts” to tap AI to generate potentially hundreds of new possibilities that are aligned with all 11 critical elements of your Spark Compass.


Know What To Run To, And What To Run From

You’ll tap a specialized tool we call the Sparked Opportunity Check™ to rapidly assess whether any new opportunity is likely to be the “same old, same old, or worse,” or hold the potential to light you up like never before. You’ll also get our shortlist of Sparked Interview Questions, many of which you’d have never thought to ask, to help you figure out whether any new opportunity is or isn’t a great fit for the key elements of your Spark Compass.


Plot A New Course To Making Work One Of The Best Parts Of Your Life

It sounds impossible, and yes, it will take some effort (no magic bullets or fake promises here), but with the Career Clarity Lab tools, strategies, and support, you’ll discover incredible new ways to transform work from something you “have” to do into something you cannot wait to do.

Imagine how much more excited, clear, and supported you’ll finally feel as you say yes to the adventure of finding and doing work that truly lights you up.

Easy“fit your life”format

We’ve designed Career Clarity Lab to accommodate your lifestyle and needs. Here’s what you get, and how you’ll participate

Virtual “On-Demand” Lessons

You’ll gain immediate access to our extensive “training library,” with over 50 video lessons, examples, exercises, and examples that’ll walk you through the entire Career Clarity Lab Process. You’ll get transcripts and audio, as well, so you’ll be able to choose between your mode of learning and shift it up whenever you want. And you can move through this training content as quickly or gently as feels right for you.


Career Clarity Lab Workbook

along with the deep library of step-by-step educational content, you’ll get a comprehensive workbook with every exercise, tool, and examples that show you how to complete them and tap their power to keep building momentum (and learning amazing things and having fun along the way)


Career Clarity Lab Toolbox

As you say yes to this new journey of discovery, we’ll introduce you to a whole suite of new tools and exercises, along with a toolbox with every tool and exercise in one place, in printable or “fill-outable” PDF format.


3-months of weekly group coaching

You’ll be invited to participate in monthly group coaching video calls, guided by a team of experienced Certified Sparketype Advisors. When questions come up, you’ll have a place to ask and learn. These are all recorded, so even if you can’t make a day or time, you’ll still benefit from all the learning in the replay.


Access to the Career Clarity Lab Collective

 this is our online learning and gathering hub, where you’ll find all of the training content, tool-sheets, workbook, announcements, conversations and group coaching recordings. It’s also a great place to come and share and find support from the community.



We’re often asked “how long will this program take?” The answer is as long or short as you need. The entire library of educational content, workbook and tools are instantly available to you, upon registration. You are free to immerse yourself and move through everything in a matter of days or weeks, or adopt a gentler pace. That said, we’ve provided weekly group coaching and community support for 3-months, which feels like a comfortable window to support most people along the way. You will have full access to the educational content for the active lifetime of the program.



Is it for you?

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Yes, if...

  • Your work doesn’t give you a sense of purpose, meaning, energy, or excitement.

  • Your work feels more like a “have to do” than an “I get to do it!”
  • You feel consistently depleted, overwhelmed or disinterested in your work.

  • You don’t feel seen, understood, and for who you genuinely are at work.

  • You’re not able to bring your talent, gifts, point-of-view and potential to the job.

  • You feel like you don’t have control over your day-to-day work, or your future.

  • You feel stuck, but have no idea what the first step is to a better working life.

  • You want to be treated with dignity, trust and respect.
  • You’re open to investing in yourself to build a work-life that lights you up.
  • You would LOVE to have a next-generation career toolbox that fills you with a newfound sense of clarity, confidence, and purpose as you transform work into one of the best parts of your life.

No, if...

  • You have a crystal clear sense of who you are, what matters to you, what fills you up, what empties you out and you feel there’s nothing else to discover that might make your work feel so much better.

  • You wake up every morning excited to get to work, then spend the majority of your waking hours doing things that light you up, with people you cannot get enough of, in a place that is safe, inspiring and alive.
  • You make important decisions about where to invest your energy and resources without spinning your wheels, getting lost in overthinking or wasting precious time and energy, and those decisions are generally really good ones that give you exactly what you’d hoped for.

  • You don’t want or need any further guidance figuring out any of the above.


Limited-time Bonuses

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Sparketype Premium Profile PDF

 As a special thank you for joining us in Career Clarity Lab, you’ll receive a digital copy of your custom, 60+ page Sparketype Premium Profile which provides a deep-dive into the three core elements of your unique Sparketype Profile. This robust reference reveals an incredible depth of insight about you, what matters, and how you show up in work and life. ($39.95 value).


Working with Doubts, Worries & Other Sneaky Fears

Developed by acclaimed founder of The Flourishing Institute, Emiliya Zhovotovskaya, MAPP, this online course will help you understand how to work through one of nature’s most basic emotions: fear. You will learn about the evolutionary role of worry and how to appreciate the emotion for its natural, yet often misguided, efforts, and develop skills to prepare you to stay solution-focused and empower you to move through life challenges that come your way. ($90 value)


How to Stay Grounded Through Change

 Designed and taught by New York Times bestselling author, renowned meditation teacher, and founder of one of the world’s largest online meditation communities, Susan Piver, this simple online learning experience is a powerful mindset reset for your career adventure. You’ll discover a simple, yet powerful daily practice that helps you reprioritize yourself and at the same time, navigate today’s concerns. ($49 value)


Success Scaffolding

Making big things happen isn’t just about knowing what to do, it’s about doing it. Success Scaffolding to the rescue! This powerhouse goal-achievement framework introduces you to the 8 critical elements that support life-changing levels of action-taking, support, and success. You’ll get the Success Scaffolding Video walk-through, along with your Success Scaffolding Map and Worksheet, designed to help you take all the incredible insights from this program, and apply them to create real, lasting, change. ($99

Total value of bonuses alone is $376.95 (which is more than the price of the entire program!)

We’re on a mission to help 100-million people transform work into one of the best parts of life.


Your tuition for Career Clarity Lab is not $5,000-$10,000. Nor is it $2,000-$5,000.
In fact, it’s not even $1,000. Or anywhere close.  That’s not how we scale transformation.

The “usual” fee for this program is only $297! 

But, before you confirm your spot, we can do even better… We are huge fans of quick action. We’ve gone deep into the psychology of change, and seen, over and over again, that immediate, decisive action is a big predictor of life-changing outcomes. And, that’s what we’re going for here.

So we’ve decided to discount your investment even more dramatically, from $297 to only $197, when you claim your spot now. 

Here’s how to do it!


Enroll Now

Zero-Risk | 100%-Refund Guarantee

With years of research, development, testing, and massive data behind the tools and strategies in this program, we are confident in the value and potential for impact that Career Clarity Lab delivers. 

We also know that no program works, unless you do. And, we’re not interested in enrolling folks who are looking for an instant or effortless “magic pill” solution that we all know doesn’t exist. That’s not how impact at scale happens. Transforming your work into something incredible will take time and effort, but for those willing to put that in, we stand strongly behind the ideas, tools and strategies you’re about to discover. 

So, here is our promise to you. Register, engage fully with the educational content, complete all of the exercises in the workbook, put the tools to use with a genuine effort and attend the group coaching sessions. If, after doing this, you feel like it wasn’t worth your time, simply email [email protected] within 90-days of your purchase date to request a refund. Include copies of all completed work, and as soon as we verify full-participation and completion of the assigned exercises (yes, we do actually require this), we’ll give you a full 100% refund. No questions asked. 

You do the work, and we stand behind the wisdom, tools, and strategies.

Sounds pretty fair, right? 

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Your career should never be a persistent source of frustration, depletion, confusion, or dissatisfaction.

As a member of the Career Clarity Lab, you’ll discover a powerful new set of tools designed to help set you on a path to reignite purpose, and rediscover passion, possibility, and potential. 

Imagine what it will feel like to be able to say, when friends, family, and colleagues ask, “my work is truly one of the best parts of my life!”


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