Audience and Reach:

  • Reach: 65,000+ and growing 5,000+ subscribers per month.
  • Audience: Career changers, Personal development enthusiasts, Midlife transition, Life Coaches and Career Counselors
  • Demographics:
    • 82% female
    • 85% between 35-64 years old
  • Average open rate: 43%
  • Average link clicks: 300-1,000 
  • Cost: $1,500

Insertion Details:

When you purchase a sponsorship, you get one text-based advertisement in our Sparked newsletter.

  • Placement & exclusivity: Your ad will be 1 of a maximum of 2 ads in that issue, giving a high-level of exclusivity. Ads appear at toward the opening of the email newsletters for maximum exposure.
  • Frequency: The newsletter is published weekly.
  • Refunds/cancellation/rescheduling: Due to scheduling and availability constraints, there are no cancellations or reschedules, or refunds. Be sure you will be ready to run your ad at the appointed time, before committing.

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Ad Creative Requirements

  • Format: All ads are text only, to increase ease-of-reading and likelihood of click-thrus.
  • Length: Copy may be up to 2 sentences (one featuring the product and offer, and a second with a short, simple call-to-action if needed. A 200 character max (generally 30-35 words) will be strictly enforced.
  • Links/CTAs: Each sponsor may include up to two CTAs/links.
    Example: Today's newsletter is brought to you by [], the fastest, easiest, zero-hassle way to get a custom app created and launched for your brand, in just hours. Claim your free discovery call!
  • Copywriting: You provide copy, we reserve the right to edit for tone and voice.Ad copy is due 7 days prior to the newsletter date.
  • All ads are subject to editorial approval.

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