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Now, where do I go from here?

For most people, discovering your Sparketype is a powerful experience. It both surprises you, while simultaneously letting you feel seen, understood, and acknowledged.

Question is, what do you do with this newfound knowledge? How do you turn it from a fascination into a life-changing revelation?

The true power of the Sparketypes isn't just in knowing, on the most basic level, what your Sparketype profile is. It's in going deeper, understanding these inner-drivers on a level that fuels a sense of true awakening, power, control, possibility, and genuine change.

This is why we've created the Sparketype Premium Profile.

With nearly 800,000 people discovering their Sparketype, generating nearly 40-million data-points, and countless stories, use-cases, and applications, we’ve amassed a stunning amount of new wisdom about every Sparketype.

We've learned how they work together (or not), how they’re expressed in different domains, positions, types of work, how they drive decisions, behavior (even when we’re unaware of it), and how, understood on a deeper level, they can be harnessed to create extraordinary, positive change in our work and lives.

And, we’ve distilled these insights into the all-new SPARKETYPE Premium Profile.

Sparketype Premium Profile

"After exploring my premium profile, I feel like I know myself in a more profound way. . . I have a clear roadmap to a thriving work and career path that is truly the best fit for me."
- Matt M.

Your Sparketype Premium Profile is not a “generic, one-size-fits-all” report.

It is tailored to your unique Sparketype Profile, and only yours, generated in real-time using our cutting-edge, dynamic digital production platform, and you can download and read it as a PDF on nearly any electronic device, in a matter of minutes.

In your Sparketype Premium Profile, you’ll immerse yourself in more than 60-pages of eye-opening insights, answers, guidance, and wisdom. It’s all about YOU!

To see the detailed contents of your Premium Profile, along with a special upgrade offer, simply click or tap on the LEARN MORE button below.

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