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Now, where do I go from here?

Discover groundbreaking insights and tools to finally understand what you really need and want from work (and why you’re not getting it now), so you can make clear, confident decisions that move you forward and light you up, instead of keeping you stuck in work that drains you…for life.

Introducing Career Clarity Lab™ - a groundbreaking online

workshop that will change the way you experience work…for life!


Here are some of the eye-opening discoveries & tools you'll dive into during the Career Clarity Lab™.

The Real Reasons Behind Your Job Dissatisfaction

For most people, it's not what you think, and discovering what’s really going on can change everything.

Transform Your Current Role

Learn how, for many, a few key changes can turn your existing job into the dream career you never knew you already had.

The Path to Your Ideal Job

Uncover a groundbreaking method and tool-set to identify a career that genuinely excites and fulfills you, and that's different from anything you’re learned or tried before).

Behind the Job Description

Discover key questions you “never knew to ask” that’ll the truth about any opportunity, before you end up taking yet another job that leave you empty.

Navigate with Confidence

Get access to a powerful “pro-grade” tool - your Career Clarity Compass™ - designed and tested to inform career decisions with clarity, confidence and understanding you’ve never before experienced.

A Road Map to Job Joy

Unlock the power of our Sparked Career Maps, whether you want to keep the security of your current work but make it come alive , OR explore something entirely new.

About the Program & Presenter

It's not just about finding a new job; it's about rediscovering who you really are, what matters, why nothing you’ve tried before has worked (and, if it has, what was really going on and how to replicate it in something new), and what absolutely must be present for you to finally find, do, or create a career that truly lights you up.

Developed by acclaimed multi-time founder, national bestselling author, sought-after work-life innovator, teacher, mentor, facilitator, and lead-architect behind the Sparketype® global phenomenon, Jonathan Fields.


How is Career Clarity Lab™ truly different than anything you've tried before?

The insights, tools and strategies you’ll discover in the Career Clarity™ Lab are not some random, rehashed or AI-generated, ineffective, tired round-up of the same-old-same-old that you can find all over the internet (and that’s largely useless).

Our highly-unique take and tools are based on proprietary insights gathered from years of research and development by our team at Spark Endeavors and input from more than 850,000 people, yielding over 45-million data-points, to create one of the largest-ever studies on work-life fulfillment.

In addition to sharing these tools and strategies with a select group of some of the biggest, most-innovative companies in the world, we’ve been training a hand-picked community of elite coaches, consultants and leaders in our “work-life optimization” methodology for years, and now, for the first time ever, we’re sharing these tools and strategies with you.

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