What if you could discover
the work you’re here to do, then spend the rest of your life doing it?

Ever find yourself asking
“what am I actually doing with my life?!”

Turns out, you’re not alone. The further into life we get, the more we start asking the big questions. Top among them is some variation of, “what should I do with my life, and why am I not doing it?”

When we ask that, most often we’re talking about our work. Usually, it’s because we have no clue what truly matters to us, or whatever we’re currently doing - whether it’s the thing we’re getting paid for, or not - is leaving us empty, stressed, overwhelmed, exhausted, anxious, and without a sense of purpose, meaning and joy. Like we have so much more potential to give, but can’t figure out how to step into it.

You’d think this might get better with time. But, truth is, unless you do something to make it better, nothing ever changes. Purposeless, burned-out, and underwhelmed with what you’re doing is no way to work or live. You can only bang your head against the work wall for so long before you start to ask if there’s a better way to build a living, and a life. To make meaning, and feel lit up along the way.

And, this recent season of profound disruption is leading millions to realize, the way we worked in “Before Times,” and the way we’ve been feeling now just isn’t the way we want the rest of our working lives to feel. We need a new compass, to help us figure a better way to work and live.

We’ve got you covered...

We all have a certain “imprint” for work that makes us come alive.

Work that lets us wake up in the morning and know, deep down, we’re doing what we’re here to do. Work that sets us ablaze with purpose and, fully expressed in a healthy way, becomes a mainline to meaning, a pathway to that transcendent state of flow, and a gateway to connection and joy. Put another way, work that “sparks” us.

We call this imprint or identity your “Sparketype®.”

Your Sparketype is your source code for work that makes you come alive. Once you discover it, there is an immediate, intuitive knowing. An undeniable truth that explains so many past choices and outcomes, and empowers you to contribute to the world on a very different level. To spark your life, and ignite those around you.

How do you discover your Sparketype?

A rare few stumble upon it early in life, most often by chance (even then, most never truly own it). A handful of others discover it through committed experimentation, often taking decades and still revealing only the most superficial expressions of it, rather than the core drivers.

What about the rest of us? Truth is, most people never figure it out. They just surrender their working lives to the meaningless, unengaged, purpose-free grind. And, right now, in this moment in time, that’s just not an acceptable answer any more.

For years, we wondered, “What if there was a way to ‘just know?’” Not someday, but today.

And, what we’ve discovered is, for most of us, there is…

We’ve been working on the solution, in various ways, for more than two decades, drawing from the fields of positive psychology, behavioral economics, social science, demography, philosophy, excellence and expertise, and ancient wisdom traditions, along with thousands of hours of our own research, instructional design, experimentation, and optimization.

We integrated all of this learning into a deceptively simple, ever-improving assessment that reveals your unique Sparketype: the essential nature of the work you’re here to do. In about 10-minutes.

And, because we are driven, first and foremost, to spread ideas and tools that change lives...

The Sparketype Assessment is 100% FREE!

Just click on the button below, answer the questions and you'll be done in less than 10-minutes. Once you’ve completed your Sparketype Assessment, you’ll get your Sparketype Profile where you’ll discover two critical things:

Your Primary Sparketype

Think of this as your "life's work DNA," it's the source-code for work that makes you feel like you are doing the thing you were put on the planet to do, fueled by purpose, infused with meaning, fully-expressed and absorbed in that other-worldly, transcendent state of flow.

Your Shadow Sparketype

This reveals the essential nature of work you may well enjoy and have become highly-skilled at. BUT, on a deeper level, you almost always do it in service of doing the work of your Primary Sparketype better. Think of it as your Primary Sparketype amplifier.

Now, it’s time for you to discover YOUR Sparketype!
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