The last few years have permanently changed work.

People, at every level, every role, and every age, are demanding more. 

Meaning, purpose, energy, excitement, well-being, dignity, flexibility, and the ability to fully-express not just their skills and abilities, but also their sense of self and identity have become non-negotiable.

“People don’t just want to live good lives in the margins outside work, they want to live good lives during and through their work.”

And, they won’t accept anything less. There is no old normal to return to. 

This is the new normal, and it’s here to stay.

While certain organizations may feel compelled to reject this shift based largely on an ingrained resistance to change, the bigger question is, why would they want to? 

With rare exception, even in Before Times, the old normal was mildly to wildly broken. Record low levels of engagement, motivation, and satisfaction, and record high levels of burnout, overwhelm, attrition, and dissatisfaction dominated. Even if it wasn’t outwardly expressed, it was there, serving as sand in every part of the machine. Hurting not just individuals, but companies.

What if, instead of trying to force a move back to a paradigm that was already broken and crumbling, we embraced this moment as a window to step into the next season of growth?

Organizations who can deliver these new workplace non-negotiables will set themselves up to gain a powerful competitive advantage, unlocking the power of a fully-engaged and awakened workforce. They’ll also become known as the “employers of choice” for the new world-of-work order.” 

The problem is, the old-school tools and strategies that used to help talent professionals, leaders, coaches, and advisors deliver “just enough” to keep people baseline checked-in (most of which were built for a now-dated paradigm) are not coming close to meeting this moment.

The Sparketype® body-of-work is different.

The Sparketype Assessment, along with its rapidly growing tools, strategies, programming, and the flagship ICF-approved Certified Sparketype Advisor training, are changing the game.

Drawing upon the input of nearly 850,000 people, generating more than 42-million data-points, and serving as one of the largest-ever studies on work-life engagement, satisfaction, motivation, and performance, the Sparketype Assessment, alone, has become a global phenomenon. It speaks to the moment like no other tool. 

Beyond the immediate feeling of validation and possibility, our data reveal strong correlations between doing the work of your Sparketype (which our tools and processes help people do) and the very qualities people are now demanding in their work. Beneficially, these very same states are also powerful drivers of performance, motivation, loyalty, and growth:

The more your work aligns with your Sparketype® the more likely you are to be:

Energized & Excited

"I feel energized by my work and excited to dive in."

Powered By Purpose

"My life has a clear sense of purpose and direction."

Fueled By Flow

"I become deeply absorbed in my work and lose a sense of time."

Alive With Meaning

"My work feels deeply meaningful, like I'm doing something that matters."

Performing at Your Best

"I feel like I'm performing at or close to my full potential at work."

Common ways organizations tap the Sparketype body-of-work.

The two questions we’re most asked by leaders and organizations are:

  • What tools, exercises, and experiences are available to us?
  • How can we bring these groundbreaking tools, exercises, and experiences to employees, teams, groups, and clients with confidence, clarity, and fun?

To answer the first question, while there are a wide variety of tools, exercises, and programming that may be drawn from to create a bespoke experience that accommodates nearly any need from team-building to off-sites, or leadership training to individual career development, here are five of the most common tools, exercises, and experiences:

Sparketype Premium Profiles™ | Individual & Team Deep-Dive - In addition to freely available, basic profiles, for those who want to learn exponentially more, we provide 60+ page Premium Profiles that are fully-tailored to an individual’s Sparketype Profile. We’ve found that unpacking or walking through the key elements of these profiles with a CSA is an incredibly eye-opening, validating, and empowering exercise. Our team and our CSAs also have the ability to compile and share a “Team Sparketype Profile” that reveals the spread of Sparketypes across an entire group or team. Sharing this often explains so many of the hidden dynamics within a group.
Sparked Team Conversations™ | Next-Gen Team-building - This simple, yet incredibly connecting conversational model brings groups or teams together to share their Sparketypes in a fun, easy-going, story-driven way. It also helps create a common language within teams, helps each individual better understand what energizes or comes more easily to certain people and what is a heavier lift. This seeds not just better understanding, but also empathy and compassion, and a more robust basis for easier team orientation and collaboration.
Sparked Canvas™ | Career Pathfinding - The Sparked Canvas is a game-changing one-page profile and decision-making tool for individuals. It builds on the three core elements of your Sparketype Profile with a set of complementary drivers, orientation, and preferences. Once “built out,” the Sparked Canvas becomes the ultimate career decision-making compass. Individuals can tap its power to make faster, better, and more confident decisions about how best to align their work with opportunities, projects, teams, or roles that make them come alive.
Sparking Leadership™ | Leading from the Sparketypes - Delivered as a 2-3 hour training for experienced and emerging leaders, this workshop-style experience both introduces leaders to the Sparketype body-of-work and core tools, while also helping them better understand how to both show up as their best, most sparked selves, while fostering the same in those they lead.
The Good Life @ Work Keynote | Introducing the body-of-work - This inspiring, story-meets-science 30-60 minute keynote presentation introduces the Sparketypes, shares how they can benefit individuals, leaders, and organizations in an engaging, story-meets-science way.

In answer to the second question

“How can we bring these groundbreaking and inspiring tools and experiences into our organization?” 

We suggest one of three options:

Engage our in-house team to explore your needs, then draw upon a blend of tools and interactive experiences to facilitate Sparketype-related programming, workshops, or keynotes in your organization tailored to your specific needs and objectives
Retain an independent Certified Sparketype Advisor™ (CSA) to facilitate Sparketype-related programming in your organization (HERE is our global directory, please not that while the Sparketypes have become a global phenomenon, the CSAs on this directory are the only people who are trained and certified by us, and given access to the in-depth knowledge and full-suite of tools and experiences), or
Enroll your organization’s internal leaders, advisors, or talent professionals to become CSAs, so they can introduce the Sparketype-related tools, processes, and programming into your organization on a licensed basis. Click here to learn more about certification.

For further information, feel free to inquire about a complimentary discovery call at [email protected].