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People Are Talking

I've had the pleasure of watching the Sparketype work evolve from the beginning, and this latest iteration takes the work to a whole new level. I found so many new insights into my Sparketype, and some very practical ways to work with all three elements of it. I'm excited to start implementing these new learnings both for myself and with my team — and highly recommend the premium report if you're looking for a deep, nuanced, and actionable understanding of your Sparketype!
- Rachel A.
The Sparketype Premium Profile is extraordinary. It’s powerful enough to have knowledge of your own primary, shadow and anti Sparketypes, but knowing my profile on a much more comprehensive and deeper level is tremendous. After exploring my premium profile, I feel like I know myself in a more profound way. It connects the dots between knowing who I am and the work that makes me come alive, to knowing how to put that insight into practice so I can feel even more engaged, in flow, and on purpose in my work, and in other areas of my life. I now have a greater awareness of what’s working for me, and where I’m tripping myself up on the pathway to growth in the work I do. With the premium profile, I feel like I have a clear roadmap to a thriving work and career path that is truly the best fit for me.
- Matt M.
The profile went far beyond what I expected! The report was a huge help in preparing for job interviews as I make my next career move. I would highly recommend the premium profile to anyone looking to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their work. The level of insight and guidance provided is truly invaluable, and I feel more motivated than ever to pursue my passions and reach my full potential. Thank you for this amazing resource!
- Steve K.

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